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Svarog Beef jerky - DRIED SPICED BEEF

Our Dried Spicy Beef (BEEF JERKY) is made from lean beef thigh of Slovenian origin.

Our dried beefjery is the recipient of the following quality awards:

AGRA 2017 Bronasta medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)   AGRA 2018 Bronasta medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)

AGRA 2019 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky ORIGINAL)AGRA 2019 Srebrna medalja (Beef jerky DIMLJENO)AGRA 2019 Zlata medalja (Beef jerky ČILI-SRIRACHA)




Beef, along with chicken, is considered to be the most valuable dietary meat. The benefits of beef are its nutritional value - it is fast-nourished and well absorbed. Beef is one of the main suppliers of high quality protein for human consumption.

The quality of the beef depends on the age, type of feed, content and sex of the animal. Meat aging, ie the process of meat maturation, as well as the stress that animals experience before slaughter, also largely determine the quality of the meat.
Beef contains 315-334 mg% potassium, 60-65 mg% sodium, 9-10 mg% calcium, 21-26 mg% magnesium, 198-210 mg% phosphorus, 2.6-2.8 mg% iron, vitamins Group B, PP. Low value collagen and elastin proteins in beef 2.6%.

Due to its low fat and moisture content, DRIED BEEF JERKY is a real protein bomb. This is why it is regularly used by professional soldiers, professional athletes and anyone who, after strenuous training or work, needs new strength. For example, 30 g of lean beef contains about 7 g of protein. By removing 15 g of water from meat, the protein ratio is increased to almost 15 g of protein in 30 g of dried beef and contains only seven grams of fat.

Homemade dried beef jerky (beef jerky) is prepared according to old recipes of so-called low-temperature drying methods with salt and spices. We are currently producing "original" flavor, Chili-Sriracha and Original smoked. Due to its low fat and moisture content, DRIED BEEF JERKY is a real protein bomb. This is why it is regularly used by professional soldiers, professional athletes and anyone who, after strenuous training or work, needs new strength.


BEEF JERKY - Protein Food

Proteins (proteins), like fats and carbohydrates, are macro nutrients, because they have to be consumed in large quantities with food, and they are a source of energy for the body. 4 grams of calories (17 kJ) are released from 1 gram of protein, and in addition to energy, proteins are a source of nitrogen and amino acids from which the body builds its own proteins. Protein is an important component of all animal and plant cells, and it has many vital functions in the body: they act as enzymes, are essential for growth and development, are key building blocks of cellular structures, participate in the immune response, muscle building and function involved they are in repair mechanisms and in the transport of many substances throughout the body.

Smokers, alcohol users, people who consume certain drugs (eg paracetamol), more physically active individuals, especially top athletes, and the elderly may have increased protein needs.


Adequate dietary intake of quality proteins is required for normal functioning of the body.

Protein should represent between 10 and 15% of your daily energy intake. An adult requires 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

Protein is made up of different amino acids, 9 of which are essential for adults and 11 for children.

They are found in many animal and vegetable foods.

Foods of animal origin are a source of high quality protein, but when consumed, care must be taken not to consume too much (saturated) fat.

Foods of plant origin may also be a good source of protein, but their amino acid composition is less optimal.

Sufficient total protein as well as essential amino acids can be consumed with a varied and balanced diet.

ZRNJE - zavod - Institute for the promotion of a healthy and safe life

Zavod ZRNJE – The Institute for the Promotion of a Healthy and Safe Life is a non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian-oriented organization founded with the idea and desire to raise awareness and educate children and adults in the field of healthy and safe living.

Zavod ZRNJE fulfills its mission, which includes ensuring a healthier and safer life for children and adults by activating Slovenian and international professional and material resources. The programs and projects of the ZRNJE Institute are implemented throughout Slovenia and in the regions of South-East Europe and Africa.

Different products

Hand made dried beefjerky (beef jerky) is prepared according to old recipes of so-called low temperature drying methods with salt and spices. We currently produce “original” flavor, Chili-Sriracha and Original smoked.

Why choose us?

There is a growing awareness among Slovenian consumers that by resorting to local food, we can be assured that such food has not traveled hundreds of kilometers, that by buying local food it will help local, local producers and processing, and thus preserve our jobs. We are already well aware that as a consumer we have the influence to reverse the trend of steadily increasing food imports in our favor and reduce the drastic number of annual food imports.

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